Lawrence Herbert School of Communication Internship Steps

Summer 2017
Motion Graphics

This orientation video walks students through the process of their internship search and application through Hofstra’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication. The focus was on designing a friendly approach to this sometimes overwhelming process through ten guided steps.

The video was designed primarily in Adobe After Effects and Illustrator.

Designing a Tiny World

An isometric art design was chosen for this project as it comes across as friendly, lovable, and easily identifiable.  Every single character, setting, and object throughout the video follows this style lending a sense of unison to this small world. The primary goal was to design an orientation that is informational, but charming.

A Familiar Environment

Almost every setting in the video is inspired by a real location on Hofstra University’s campus. Students and faculty who view this video will find it recognizable to their own campus experience.*

*Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.